New Concept Car: Kia Pop

The 2010 Paris Motor Show is still roughly a week away, but Korean automaker Kia has opened the floodgates on images of its newest concept vehicle, the Pop.

The Kia Pop is an electric city car concept that seats passengers in a 2+1 configuration, similar to the upcoming Scion iQ. Overall size is said to be larger than a Smart Fortwo and several stylistic touches - including a couch-like front bench seat - are said to be in store for the concept. Unfortunately, that's all we really know about the Pop for now, as Kia has been tight-lipped about powertrain details and production intent.

Should the Kia Pop ultimately hit showrooms, we're guessing it would could offer a budget alternative to not only the iQ, but also BMW's upcoming Megacity range. We'll be bringing you more information live from the Paris Motor Show at the end of the month, but until then, let us know what you think of the Kia Pop's styling in the comments section below.
Thanks to: Motor Trend


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