Police pull over and ticket Mini convoy

It really is a shame when a charity event has to be spoiled by someone, be it a spectator, an event, or in the case of the Southern Ontario Mini Club. The Ontario Provence Police. The club's annual Spring Rattler charity drive was spoiled by the OPP when the entire caravan of over 30 Minis was pulled over and many drivers cited for speeding. The police cited some drivers for going as fast as 50Kmh over the speed limit and were supposedly tracked by a single aircraft. Many members of the club feel that the entire series of events was a set up on part of the OPP which the club notified of the event due to the amount of cars involved. Not to mention the fact that a local news crew was notified and on hand to record the stop, which also later stretched the truth considerably that cars were impounded, drivers arrested, and children taken into custody of a child services organization.

Having read many of the posts, and being the organizer of similar events on our area. It is a shame that the police had to spoil a great event.

Canadian police pull over entire Mini convoy

Southern Ontario Mini Club's thread on the event, complete with follow ups


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