Hot News: BMW X4??

The success of the BMW X6 has raised the possibility of an X4 at BMW, Autocar has learned.

The giant sports-coupe/off-roader has been an unexpected success for the firm since it was launched in 2008. BMW has sold 80,000 units worldwide since its launch, which is double its initial predictions.

A BMW source revealed to Autocar that a smaller car in the same mould as the X6, likely to take the X4 name, was under consideration, but it had yet to be given the green light for production.

"We haven't made any firm decision," said our source, "however, the X6's success shows there is a continued demand for sporty off-roaders."

The X4 could be spun off the new X3's platform; that car is set to be launched later this year. It's styling could draw influence from 2001's X Coupe concept, as well as the X6.

BMW has created several niche products over the past few years, including the recently-launched X1 and 5-series GT models. The BMW Concept Gran Coupe from the Beijing motor show is tipped to be launched in 2012 as the 8-series.

Thanks to: Autocar


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