Chicago area tourist attraction offered on eBay

Just about everyone has seen images of the Berwyn Car Spindle statue on their tv screen while watching Wayne's World. For the last 20 or so years, the statue in the parking lot of Cermak Plaza Shopping Center near Chicago has been entertaining shoppers, movie buffs and car enthusiasts alike. The statue by artist Dustin Shuler contains 8 cars stacked on top of one another looking as though they are stuck on a giant nail.

Now a Walgreens(as if we DON'T have enough of those around) is going to take the place of the landmark statue. So Cermak Plaza owners have decided to auction the statue off via eBay. That way atleast there is the possibility to have the Spindle live on in another location. Auction Link
For a starting bid of $50,000 you can own this one of a kind piece of history. Though shipping the item, may be a bit of a challenge. That is unless of course you own an 18 wheeler car hauler.

Artist Dustin Shuler, who built the piece in 1989, calls the dismantling "painful" and "a loss for Chicago." "Personally, I would have moved the Walgreens and left the Spindle where it is," he said.

The Spindle is made up of the following cars. 1967 VW Beetle, 1976 BMW 2002, 1981 Ford Escort, 1974 Mercury Capri, 1978 Ford Mustang, 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix, 1980 Ford LTD and a 1981 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Should the name Shuler ring a bell with some of the VW enthusiasts. Dustin Shuler is brother to none other than VW historian and author Terry Shuler.
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