U.S. VW Factory? "Ja. Ve Vill Do Zis"

It's official. Volkswagen will have another go at making cars in the United States. Execs from VW have recently been saying that they might consider looking into the idea of a new plant. And the answer has finally came back as "Ja. We will do this". The current plan is be making cars here by 2011. They will build a large scale plant, which will produce vehicles for both the United States and Europe. Though a location has not been selected as of yet. Locations in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina are rumored to be "in play" as a factory site.

One site in Rocky Mount, NC would centrally locate the factory between the new Volkswagen Group of America headquarters in Virginia and several suppliers that also work with BMW and their Spartanburg, South Carolina factory.

The Rocky Mount property could close as early as the end of the month. The farmer who owns most of the property does not know who the interested party is, only that they're German.

Look for more details as they come to light.

Source: Automotive News.


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