4 States to insert RFID chips in drivers license

If you live in Arizona, Michigan, Vermont, or Washington. You will soon be able to "Voluntarily" have a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip inserted in your next drivers license. These chips can be monitored within a 30 foot radius of the monitor. And will display items like Name, Date of Birth, Description, etc.

"The Department of Homeland Security is in favor of the program, promoting it under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. Said a DHS fact sheet, "Multiple cards can be read at a distance and simultaneously with vicinity RFID technology, allowing an entire car full of people to be processed at once." Motorists won't be compelled to use an enhanced ID, however -- in the beginning, it will be by voluntary issue only."

On a plus side, it will eliminate the need to have a passport to cross the border starting January 2009. Now as to which border, we don't know. More than likely it would be for Canada and Mexico.

Remember, Big Brother is watching......

Source: The Newspaper via Autoblog.


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