SEMA 07: Cadillac CTS Sport Concept. A temp fix til the new CTS V?

With the new CTS-V set to arrive hopefully next year, and the new CTS already out and making car guys drool. We see the CTS Sport Concept making its debut at SEMA. Cadillac enhanced the already beautiful CTS, taking it to the next level.

Cadillac altered the front and rear fascias and added ample amounts of carbon fiber to things like the fender extensions. LEDs trim the headlights, a beautiful set of export taillights (and why don't we get those?), and LEDs in the brake ducts in the lower front fascia. And there are two words for the OnStar antenna: land shark. Engine power comes in a 3.6L engine producing 304 Horsepower, with a cat-back exhaust blowing out 3.5-inch square, chromed apertures. And check out the rear diffuser. Hotness. Sources at General Motors are saying that you're basically looking at the body of the upcoming CTS-V. One thing's for sure. The new V will be one hot car!


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