Recall Up Date: 2011 Mercedes G-Class

The Problem: Mercedes is recalling some 2011 G550 and G55 AMG vehicles for issues with the molding strip mounted between the front passenger airbag and the cover flap. In the event of a crash where the front passenger air bag deploys, pieces of the molding strip could come loose of fall off. The resulting projectile could either strike and injure a passenger or damage the airbag, causing passenger injury.

The Fix: Mercedes-Benz will reinforce the connection between the flap and the strip free of charge. Mercedes-Benz will notify dealers this month of the recall, and estimates that the repair campaign will start next month. Owners can also call Mercedes-Benz at 1-800-367-6372 for more information.

Number of Vehicles Potentially Affected: 189 G550 and G55 AMG models, produced between September 30, 2010 and April 27, 2011.

Thanks to: Motor Trend


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