Hot News: Infiniti New Sportcar Concept Will be Called Emerg-e

Infiniti’s new range-extender sports car concept will be called the Infiniti Emerg-e, the Japanese company has revealed.

The Infiniti Emerg-e – which will be officially unveiled at the Geneva motor show next month and has only been seen in teaser images so far – is a rear-drive, two-seat performance car that also offers zero-emissions capability from its combination of petrol engine and battery pack.

The Emerg-e follows the 600bhp hybrid Infiniti Essence concept seen at Geneva in 2009 and the front-drive Etherea hatchback concept that was shown at the Swiss show last year.

The Emerg-e will also be the first mid-engined car made by Infiniti. The manufacturer is also plotting an all-electric saloon that is expected to break cover at the New York motor show in early April.

Thanks to: Autocar


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